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Leisuwash FAQ

Leisuwash FAQ

1. What’s the wash bay land dimensions required for Leisuwash installation? ( Length×width×height )

Leisuwash 360: 7500×3800×3350mm

Leisuwash 350: 7000×3300×3000mm

Leisuwash WIN5: 7600×3300×3210mm

Leisuwash Sword X1: 6500×3300×3000mm

Leisuwash S90: 7000×3300×3300mm

2. What’s time cost for complete fine wash of Leisuwash 360?

Leisuwash 360 running one circle spend 28 seconds, complete fine wash with high-pressure water spray, wax, foam, and air drying totally cost about 5 mins.

3. How about the air drying result?

Uses design of air-fluid mechanics principle to achieve long-distance high-pressure air cylinder, can reach 90% drying result, the stability with safety is much better than the profiling air drying in brush wash machine.

4. What’s the cost for wash one car?

For example in our city Hangzhou, water with electricity cost for one car is about 1.5 RMB, chemicals cost about 1 RMB, total 2.5 RMB equals USD0.45

5. What’s the difference between Leisuwash 350 and 360 and Sword X1?

Leisuwash 350 is idea for fast car washing, the standard 350 machine doesn’t have polish shampoo, water wax, and air dry functions which available for Leisuwash 360, only high-pressure water with pre-soak chemicals, meanwhile, the machine size is bit smaller than 360, Leisuwash 360 can wash some big size car which Leisuwash 350 may can not wash it.

Leisuwash Sword X1 have similar functions with Leisuwash 350, but with different structure with more competitive price to provide customer a lower operating cost.

6. What size cars the Leisuwash can apply for? ( Length×width×height )

Leisuwash 360 maximum car wash size: 5900×2900×2050mm

Leisuwash 350 maximum car wash size: 5600×2600×2050mm

Leisuwash WIN5 maximum car wash size: 5900×2600×2050mm

Leisuwash Sword X1 maximum car wash size: 5500×2600×2000mm

Leisuwash S90 maximum car wash size: 5500×2600×2000mm

7. What’s power supply required for running Leisuwash?

Leisuwash car wash machines require 3 phase industry power supply, in China the standard is 380V/50Hz, if customers require different voltage or frequency, we have to customize motors from Siemens company and change accordingly fans, low-voltage electrical cables, control units, etc.

8. How to make installation and after-sale service for Leisuwash?

* If there’s an exclusive distributor available in your region, you need to buy from distributor and distributor will support your installation, training and after-sale service.

* If a distributor can’t be found in your region, we can dispatch technician to support your installation and training, but the traveling expense should be on customer’s account, this will include visa cost, air tickets cost, hotel with restaurant cost, and customer need to pay for technician salary USD100/day.

* Customer is possible to install the machine by themselves, we will have detailed installation and maintenance manual send together with machine.

9. How to become a Leisuwash distributor?

Leisuwash marketing strategy is establish distributors at each country. ( some big countries will be established by regions )

* We don’t have special condition for a conventional distributor without exclusive right.

* If you want to apply for exclusive dealership in your country or region, the first step you need to purchase a demo machine to show customers there, and we need to make an agreement with a yearly MOQ.

10. What needs to be prepared before machine installation?

* 3 phase industry power supply, 25Kw.

* Water supply, with a water tank. ( 2000 liters )

* Air compressor with air volume more than 0.67m³/hour, could provide stable air pressure more than 0.8Mpa.

* Floor cement thickness need to be more than 20cm, if not enough then need to make six concrete columns for mounting support frames, floor horizontal error less than 3cm.

* Scaffold 2 pcs.

* Electric Hammer 1 pc, configurated 10, 14, 16 drill each one piece.

* Electric Welder 1 pc.

* Polisher 1 pc.

* Infrared Level 1 pc.

* Rough twine 10 meters.

* Hand Electric Drill 1 pc.

Leisuwash installation required tools

leisuwash installation tools

11. What’s the warranty of Leisuwash?

We offer 3 years extended warranty for complete machine, all spare parts included, within warranty period, if any parts break down, we will compensate new parts at free charge, but warranty doesn’t cover courier expense. Normally we will ask customers keep some spare parts in stock for machine maintenance, and the compensation spare parts will be sent together with next shipment or through a cheaper way but not by DHL. Meanwhile, warranty is not valid in any of below situation:

* Human damage or operate the machine not follow instruction or under abnormal circumstance.

* Damage due to force majeure, such as wars, floods, earthquakes, lightning, abnormal voltage.

12. What’s shipping volume of Leisuwash?

* Leisuwash 360: Polywood case for main machine: 3660×1410×1255mm, Polywood case for water pump system: 1350×890×640mm, Polywood case for mixing system: 920×545×610mm, Rails: 2pcs ( 7.5 meters ), Frames: 13pcs, total shipping weight about 2600kgs, total shipping volume about 11 CBM.

* Leisuwash 350: Polywood case for main machine: 3160×1265×1255mm, Polywood case for water pump system: 1330×775×590mm, Rails: 2pcs ( 7.0 meters ), Frames: 13pcs, total shipping weight about 1500kgs, total shipping volume about 9 CBM.

Because of the 7.5 meters rail is longer than 20’Ft container, so our machines need to be shipped by 40’Ft container.

13. How to make transportation and how much of it?

We will deliver containers to destination port by boat, the shipping terms can be EXW, FOB or CIF, the average shipping cost for one machine around USD500~1000 depends on how far the destination port from us. ( dispatching port Ningbo or Shanghai )

14. What is leading time of Leisuwash?

If customers require same as China standard three phase industry voltage 380V/50Hz, we can provide fast delivery within 7~10 days, if different with China standard, the delivery schedule will prolong 30 days.

15. What’s the harmonization system code of the car wash system?

HS code: 8424899990

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