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  • Leisuwash 360 Car Wash Equipment
Leisuwash 360 Car Wash Equipment

Leisuwash 360 Car Wash Equipment

  • Product description: Leisuwash 360 is the excellent touchless car wash equipment in China.Leisuwash 360 automatic car wash equipment has strong international competitiveness in the world.Clients are very satisfied with th

Leisuwash 360 Touchless Car Wash Equipment Automatic

Leisuwash 360 car wash equipment

Leisuwash 360 Touchless Car Wash Equipment Overview

The newest Leisuwash in-bay automatic car wash equipment raises the standard for touchless car wash equipment. With Revenue Enhancement and Total Cost of Ownership improvements being the main focus, this vehicle wash equipment delivers the industry best Return on Investment. Smart 360™ Technology enables the touchless car wash equipment to be responsive to the dynamic conditions in the wash bay and allows it to “think for itself”, increasing uptime and optimizing the wash process.

Substantially faster wash speeds lead to increases in vehicle throughput and shorter lines that will make your customers happy. Simplified machine design, lower energy and utility usages reduce operating costs leading to a more profitable car wash operation.

Leisuwash 360 Touchless Car Wash Equipment Key Features

1. Intelligent unmanned systems, self-service card payment system.

2. Smart 360 technology.

3. Intelligent chemical mixing system.

4. Innovative suspension system non-resistance rails.

5. Unique embedded fast air drying system.

6. Digital voice security alarm system.

7. Faulty self-checking system.

8. One key anti-frozen system

Leisuwash 360 Touchless Car Wash Equipment Functions

1. Functions of 90Kg High Pressure Flushing Chassis, Tires and Hubs

After driving on muddy roads or in rainy and snowy days, the chassis of the vehicle body will be attached with sand and snow melting agent with acid and alkali components. If it is not cleaned in time, the chassis will rust, affecting the safety performance of the vehicle. Leisuwash 360 is equipped with professional chassis and fan-shaped hub washing function, 90kg high-pressure washing, which can effectively clean the chassis, the two sides of the car body and the hub of the sediment and other attachments.

leisuwash 360 high pressure flush chassis

2. Chemicals Automatic Proportioning System (National Invention Patent)

The intelligent rotating arm can spray water and spray a variety of car wash liquids. It can liquefy various car washes into mist, and evenly spray it to all parts of the body to fully exert its decontamination effect. The use of this atomized and efficient spraying method requires only much less than the general car washing machine, but can achieve better cleaning effect.

Accurate measurement, spraying a car only needs 20-50ml car washing liquid. Computer program control, equivalent to a powerful chemical laboratory, equipped with a variety of liquid package, no manual operation, fully automatic adjustment of proportion. Through mixing, atomizing and other steps, micro particles are formed and sprayed to cover the surface of the car body, so that the stains can be touched more thoroughly, including the gap of the car body.

Leisuwash 360 spray chemicals

3. 360 Intelligent Rotating Arm - 360 Degree High Pressure Flushing Car Body

Complete 360° rotating within 28 seconds, water saving 50%, electricity saving 60%, automatically detect the length and width of the vehicle, up to 80bar high-pressure water can easily remove the dirt. car wash equipment for sale

Leisuwash 360 flush car body

4. Magic Color Shampoo, Cleaning and Glazing are Completed Synchronously

Thick foam makes cleaning maintenance component fuller touch with dirt, thereby improving the efficiency of decontamination, making the paint colors moister, bright lights.

Leisuwash 360 spray shampoo

5. Soft Water With Crystal Wax Coat

Soft water can make magic crystal coating color shampoo and wax completely adsorbed body surface, forming a multi-layered interaction strength protective film, car paint become more glorious and beautiful with durable paint protection.

Crystal coating of wax can be generated in the paint surface layer polymer. After the fusion of soft water, the polymer forms a hard protective film, with superior protection of car paint, and features anti-acid rain, pollution, UV erosion.

leisuwash 360 spray water wax

6. Unique Intergrated Fast Air Drying System

Leisuwash 360 touchless car wash equipment configures three 5.5kw motors and one 4kw motor embedded in the car washing equipment. Based on the principle of air flow, four cylindrical air outlets are used to control the air flow. The task of the first wind is to divide the air and reduce the drag of the subsequent wind, so that the subsequent air flow can dry the water on the car body surface. Automatic car wash equipment Leisuwash 360 optimize the characteristics of air speed. High-speed airflow is the best solution for drying the vehicle, it can achieve rapid drying result whether it is tall SUV or low body sports car.

leisuwash 360 air drying system

Leisuwash 360 also provides users with more user-friendly design concepts. Through these innovative design features, it can achieve better use, management and maintenance of equipment. For example, automatic standby service, oil-free function, car wash count statistics function, authority protection function and many other humanized innovative functions. Committed to simplifying the work of maintenance personnel, enabling operators to have a better experience, creating more convenient operation and management for users, and easily creating more wealth.

Leisuwash Humanized Design

1. LED and Voice Guidance Prompt System

Guide the vehicle to the appropriate cleaning position through human voice and LED prompter, count down to 321, start the cleaning program, and perform the task of car washing. Intelligent safety warning service, if the vehicle exceeds the car wash boundary, the device will prompt the vehicle through voice and LED prompter, and re-receive guidance signals until it is parked in proper place.

LED Display Car Wash Steps

During the cleaning process, the owner can understand the various steps in the car wash process through the LED display. The countdown function will prompt the user to complete the remaining time.

The real voice prompt system supports multiple languages Chinese, English, Korean, Thai and other languages

Digital Voice Security Alarm System

During the LED guidance process, if the vehicle exceeds the cleaning range, the voice alarm system will give an audible warning. When the equipment is in operation, the vehicle shifts or other abnormal conditions occur, the digital voice security alarm system will give a security alarm by voice. When there are behaviors and objects in the car wash room that affect the normal operation of the equipment, the system can automatically identify the danger, and complete the shutdown and alarm.

2. Automatic Cleaning Mirror

Through settings by users, the device can automatically complete the cleaning of the mirrors on the left and right sides of the mirror, and repeatedly spray and rinse the dirty front hood and rear of the car.

3. Equipment Fault Record Report

When the equipment is abnormal, the fault codes are all recorded on the equipment, and can be queried at any time through the operation panel to facilitate and quickly eliminate the fault.

4. Automatic Standby Service

When the Leisuwash 360 car wash equipment is not used for a long time, it enters the standby state, and the system will selectively shut down some components with higher energy consumption. When the device re-enters the working state, it will automatically wake up. The standby service can reduce 80% consumption of the device idle state, equivalent to the computer standby mode.

5. Multiple Operating Modes

Leisuwash 360 is equipped with a variety of operating modes, customers can choose remote control operation, touch screen operation, console operation. The system supports multi-language (Chinese simplified and traditional, English, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, French, Arabic). By entering the management authorization, the customer can query the total number of car washes, the total income and the income analysis report of the last week. When the equipment fails, users can check the fault code through the fault self-check function of the touch screen.

Leisuwash Multiple Operating Modes

Leisuwash Operation Panel

Leisuwash data report

Leisuwash Operation Panel 001

Leisuwash Operation Panel 002

Leisuwash Operation Panel 003

Leisuwash Operation Panel 004

Leisuwash Operation Panel 005

Leisuwash Operation Panel 006

6. Oil-Free Function

In order to reduce the maintenance workload of users, all parts of Leisuwash series car washing machines are equipped with NSK oil free fully sealed bearings from Japan.

7. Car Wash Statistics

By entering management authorization, the customer can query the total number of car washes, the total amount of income and the income analysis report for the most recent week.

Buy Optional OverGlow Hi-Gloss Application System for Leisuwash 360 with colorful LED light will attract drivers off the street and onto your wash bay!

Leisuwash 360 overglow hi-gloss application system

Leisuwash 360 Touchless Car Wash Equipment Installation 3D Drawing

leisuwash 360 installation 3D drawing

Technical Parameters: Leisuwash 360 Touchless Car Wash Equipment

Leisuwash 360 touchless car wash equipment technical parameters

Leisuwash touchless car wash equipment spare parts mostly come from international well-known brands, such as German Siemens motors, German P+F sensors, American SPRAY nozzles, American DEUBLIN rotate joint, French Schneider, Taiwan Delta, Japan NSK etc, we offer 3 years warranty for all spare parts!

International Quality - Leisuwash 360 High-Pressure Water Pump System

Leisuwash 360 water pump system

leisuwash 360 water pump system

leisuwash 360 high pressure water pump system

International Quality - Leisuwash 360 Main Control System ( Main distribution box )

Leisuwash 360 main distribution box

International Quality - Leisuwash 360 Main Control System ( Electrical box )

Leisuwash 360 electrical box

International Quality - Leisuwash 360 Embedded Fast Air Dry System

Leisuwash 360 embedded air dry system

International Quality - Leisuwash 360 Longitudinal Drive System

Leisuwash 360 longitudinal drive system

International Quality - Leisuwash 360 Transverse Rotate Drive System

Leisuwash 360 transverse rotate drive system

International Quality - Leisuwash 360 Rotate Arm

Leisuwash 360 rotate arm

International Quality - Leisuwash 360 Intelligent Vehicle Detection System

Leisuwash 360 intelligent vehicle detection system

Leisuwash 360 touchless car wash equipment

Leisuwash 360 Car Wash Equipment Demonstration Video

Leisuwash 360 Premium Version

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