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  • Leisuwash S90 Car Wash Machine
Leisuwash S90 Car Wash Machine

Leisuwash S90 Car Wash Machine

  • Product description: Leisuwash S90 is high quality and inexpensive car wash machine.

Leisuwash S90 Car Wash Machine Automatic Touchless

leisuwash S90

Leisuwash S90 Overview

Leisuwash S90: Unique and High Quality

Leisuwash S90 car wash machine challenge meager profit, break the routine, break through the price limit, and do all car wash shops can afford the high-pressure touchless automatic car wash machine. With a new design concept, the industrial manufacturing level, and strong technical support, Leisuwash S90 car wash machine are determined to make your business low-cost, high-output, and promote the car wash industry to be intelligent, standardized and modernized.

Leisuwash S90 Multi-function Car Wash and Care: Six Major Care Features

Leisuwash S90 car wash machine is equipped with a high-pressure flushing chassis and tire function, automatic matching chemical material function, 360-degree high-pressure flushing full-vehicle function, magic shampoo function, automatic water wax function, and automatic air drying function.

Leisuwash S90: Thirteen System Accessorial Functions

Leisuwash S90 car wash machine also provides users with more user-friendly design concepts to better use, manage and maintain the equipment through these innovative design features. For example,one-button start and stop, fault self-test, data report, automatic standby, intelligent anti-collision, etc.

Leisuwash S90: Excellent Quality

Leisuwash S90 car wash machine is equipped with Italy Bertolini or PINFL high-pressure piston pump, French Schneider Electric components, German Siemens industrial control PLC, German B+F ultrasonic detection system, aluminum shell waterproof motor and variable frequency drive, hot galvanized installation frame, 7-inch color touchscreen, 304 stainless steel rotating arm.

Leisuwash S90: Easy to Install

Leisuwash S90 car wash machine is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. It only needs to be 7 meters long, 3.3 meters wide and 3.3 meters high to install equipment. Ordinary street business rooms, gas stations and parking lots can be used.

Leisuwash S90 installation picture

Leisuwash S90 Car Wash Machine: Technical Parameter Sheet

Main machine size 2900mm*1000mm*660mm
Rail length 6000mm
Min Mounting Dimensions ( length*width*height ) 7000mm*3300mm*3300mm
Max car wash size ( length*width*height ) 5500mm*2600mm*2000mm
Equipment weight ≥1500kg
Volume ≥8.2m³
Control System PLC Siemens Industrial Control PLC
Electrical Components French Schneider
Ultrasonic Sensor German B+F
High-Pressure Piston Pump Italy Bertolini
Fan 4 sets/12kw
Rotary Arm 304 Stainless Steel
Mounting Frames Hot Galvanizing (finished assembly) without on-site welding
Operating Interface 7-inch Color Touch Screen
Drive System Aluminum Shell Waterproof Motor, Frequency Drive
Pneumatic Components Taiwan AirTAC
Nozzle 316L Stainless Steel
Rotary Joint 304 Stainless Steel
Car Wash Speed Standard Wash: 90s/car, Fine Wash: 245s/car
Pre-soak Consumption 50~100ML/Car
Magic Shampoo Consumption 70~120ML/Car
Crystal Wax Consumption 20~40ML/Car
Water Consumption Standard wash 120L/car, Fine wash 220L/car
Electricity Consumption Standard wash 0.5 KW·H/car, Fine wash 1.2 kW·H/car

Strictly in accordance with European and American standards design and production, excellence, only to do fine products, the pursuit of zero-fault product quality objectives.

High-pressure Chassis, Tire, Wheel Flushing Function

Leisuwash S90 car wash machine is equipped with a unique chassis and fan-shaped flushing wheel function. The 90kg high-pressure flushing can effectively clean the chassis, the body and the sediment of the hub.

Leisuwash chassis wash

Leisuwash wheel wash

Leisuwash chassis tires wash

Car Wash Liquid Automatic Proportioning System

100% accurate metering, only 20-50ml car wash liquid is required to spray one car, no manual operation is required, and the proportion is fully automated. Through mixing, atomization and other steps, micro particles are formed and sprayed on all the surfaces of the car body, so that the stains can be touched more thoroughly, including the body gap can be evenly penetrated.

Leisuwash automatic touchless car wash

Leisuwash touchless automatic car wash

Leisuwash high pressure car wash

Frequency Conversion Drive - 360 Degree High-Pressure Flushing Full Car Body

The unique up and down eccentric design, light and smooth running control, using the speed equalization, pressure equalization and 360-degree rotary flushing of distance equalization are adopted to clean the car body at the maximum angle, comprehensively clean the cleaning blind zone, and clean the whole car in 50 seconds.

Leisuwash high pressure automatic car wash

leisuwash high pressure touchless car wash

Magic Shampoo, Cleaning and Glazing Completed Simultaneously

The dense linear foam makes the cleaning and caring ingredients more fully touch with the dirt, thereby improving the efficiency of removing dirt and reducing the action of repeated scrubbing. At the same time of cleaning, it can simultaneously complete the glazing protection effect, making the paint color more moist and glamorous.

Leisuwash magic shampoo

Leisuwash high pressure car wash

Leisuwash S90 magic shampoo

Automatic Water Wax Coated

Crystal wax can form a layer of high molecular polymer on the surface of car paint, and form a hard protective film after the fusion of soft water. It is like wearing a layer of bulletproof clothing for car. It has the effects of super paint protection, acid rain protection, pollution protection and ultraviolet erosion protection.

leisuwash water wax coat

Leiying S90 water wax coat

Automatic Drying

Leisuwash S90 car wash machine is equipped with 4 sets of 12kw multi-wing air drying system, which can quickly and efficiently dry the whole car, and the air drying effect can reach 85%.

Leisuwash air drying system

Leisuwash air drying system

Leiying S90 air drying system

Leisuwash S90: Intelligent Safety Digital Collision Avoidance System

Leisuwash S90 car wash machine intelligent collision avoidance system can stop the equipment in time during the process of rotating the arm to touch the body, ensuring safety and stability during the car wash.

Leisuwash collision avoidance system

Leiying S90 collision avoidance system

Leisuwash S90 Car Wash Machine with Intelligent Collision Avoidance System Video

Leisuwash S90 car wash machine has been welcomed and recognized by many consumers as soon as it goes on the market. Leisuwash business tenet is to win by quality, product quality is always in the first place, it is our responsibility and obligation to do a good job. It is with such a concept and standard that Leisuwash can gain more and better user reputation.

1 years warranty for all spare parts policy ensure customer a non-risky purchase.

Leisuwash Leiying S90

Leisuwash S90 Car Wash Machine Demonstration Video

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