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Leisuwash Car Wash Machine OverGlow Hi-Gloss Application System Available

Turn your car wash into a glowing success with Leisuwash car wash machine new overglow Hi-gloss application system, this innovative system creates a smoother solution than other customers' vehicles. Bright color LED lights illuminate the solution during the application process, providing a unique and interesting customer experience that your customers will love to shine vehicles, you will like the extra income, you can order on the car wash machine, put the shine back into your profits with Leisuwash overglow Hi-gloss application system.

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Leisuwash Car Wash Machine Products:

Leisuwash DG

Leisuwash 360

Leisuwash LeiYi SG

Leisuwash 360 RY

Leisuwash S90

Leisuwash 350

Leisuwash WIN5

Leisuwash Sword X1

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